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KC Beer Tour
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 25 reviews
 by Ashley

Lizy was a great host and driver!! Had a great time around KC!!!

 by Deb
great girls nite out

We had a great time - well worth the cost. We went to Big Rip, Strange Days and Border breweries. The samples were really good and the trip wasn't rushed so had time to order extra pint at each place if you want. Lots of fun!

 by Mary
New friends, great beers and lots of laughs

With a mini cooler in tow, we hopped on a KC Beer Tour bus at Ruins Pub. We visited 2 breweries and drank a pint at each. Drank a pint at each one. While riding on the bus we had a couple different comedians entertain us. Aaron & Tristan were hilarious! This was so much fun and we even made some new friends! Highly recommend this with friends!

 by Krystle

We had a wonderful time on the tour! Friendly service, the beers at Borders and Calabrations was very good. We wanted to go try something new and it was a great experience we would do again. Thank you!

 by Dixie

First time trying a comedy beer tour and it didn’t disappoint! Being able to drink on the bus just added to the fun, great night!

 by Rick
Best beer tour hands down

My wife and i had an absolute blast. Met some great people and drank plenty of tasty beer along the way. Our driver chayln was great and picked some excellent beers for us to try. Highly recommend this tour to anyone who loves great beer and great company.

 by Dave
Fun times are better with beer

Had a good time on the tour. Visited Big Rip, Calibration and Strange Days. Three breweries I had not visited before. That was a plus. Only drawback was the a/c was not working on the bus. Made for a toasty ride. Otherwise, fun had by all!

 by Amanda
Fun Bachelorette Experience!

We had a great time trying a winery, distillery and brewery! The owner was good about checking in before the tour and helped customize the trip so we could have a unique experience.

 by Lisa
It's hard to go wrong when beer's involved!

We had a blast. But, the tour could be improved immensely if they'd add just a bit of background and information on the breweries and beer options.

 by Alicia
Good Time with Friends

My friends and I had a very good time on our tour. Chaylen was our driver and he was great! If the brewery didn't explain the beers to us he gave us an idea of what we were drinking. We were disappointed that we were told we would get a tour of at least 1 of the breweries on our tour and we didn't get a tour of a single one, nor was it offered. The bus was clean and had great music and even the offer to hook up our phones and play our own music!

 by Alison
Decent way to spend an afternoon but needs some work

This is a nice way to spend an afternoon tasting beer! The bus was clean and the driver was friendly. Torn Label was amazing bc they actually put the beer down in front of us, explained what we were drinking, answered questioned and chatted with us. I would not recommend Stockyard or Calibration stay on your tour - at both places the beer was just placed in front of us and we had no idea what we were drinking. We had to just taste the beer and try to match the taste to the beer menu in front of us. I'd recommend a cooler with water on the bus AND only going to breweries that really want tour visitors and have the time and desire to both teach/discuss the beer. We expected a tour and maybe learning a bit about brewing but at Stockyard we just stood in front of a photo of the old stockyards and someone pointed out the owner behind the window where the kegs were...no other brewery really acknowledged us except to place beer down and walk away. I'd probably be very disappointed if I had not had the great company of my family with me.

 by Lillian
Great Time

Great time when I had friend in town visiting, however we didn't really tour the breweries. At stockyards they explained to us the history of the beer, but at torn label & calibration we were just given samples. I would definitely do a tour like this again, but I think it would be better if the tour was advertised as beer tastings and not brewery tours.

 by Daryl Brandt
Well worth the money

My wife and I had a great time on Saturday. Loved all three places we went. Torn Label, Stockyards, and Border. They were great. Chaylen the driver was great as well. He made the trip great. I would recommend KC Beer Tour to anyone that enjoys the craft beers. This place is great.

 by Barry Conover
Great Beers great Fun

Took a group of locals on the tour and had the most wonderful time. Hit Big Rip and Calibration and tasted a great array of craft beers. Brewery tours were interesting and done by knowledgeable brewers. Would do it again in an instant!

Owner is helpful and quite willing to customize our tour. Great time.

 by Trevor
Great time!

Great service when setting up the tour and fun time overall! Would highly recommend to tourists!

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